Questions, comments, suggestions, bugs, requests?

If you have a question on Mp3Extractor...
...please first make sure you consulted the program's
manual, which is supposed to answer most every question there could be - and probably a lot of details that you don't even want to know. (The manual is included in the program installation and can be viewed either from the Windows start menu, or via the Help menu item inside the program.) If this doesn't  help you, see bottom of page...

If you have comments, want to make suggestions or report bugs...
... your feedback is exactly what I'm waiting for.
Although Mp3Extractor has been downloaded a couple of thousand times within the last months, I still have no idea what people might like or dislike about it.
Suggestions and requests will be very much appreciated. Minor issues will be dealt with soon. Adding or changing functionalities will be a matter of days or weeks, depending on ....
1. how I like the idea / consider urgency, 2. the effort needed, 3. the time I have to spare.
Anyway, please...

Mail to in either English or German.

postal address
benjamin koeppe
hobrechtstr. 78
12043 berlin