Mp3Extractor is a tool for copying several portions from an MP3 audio file into new (numbered and tagged) MP3 files.

Listen to your material (e.g. recorded radio shows, live performances, DJ sets) through Nullsoft Winamp and with the help of Mp3Extractor, find the portions, parts or tracks of interest, drop markers at the desired start and stop times of these takes and optionally add track information. Mp3Extractor includes many features for navigating swiftly through even lengthy input files, checking and fine tuning marker positions.
When you're done, Mp3Extractor will copy the corresponding MP3 frames to new MP3 files properly name and tag these output files and optionally write track information to a database list.

Whereas a cutter will in most cases merely trim a file, and a splitter will just cut it into pieces, the Mp3Extractor will give you exactly the parts of the file that you want - and only these.

What is this?

NEW Version 09.06
Multi-user support, new installer, some dire problem with Windows Vista fixed.
Still realtively hot: MP3 Gain Visualization (Finding silent gaps - and more - at one glance!)


True, there already are hundreds of audio editing and MP3 tools around.

Most are wave editors. They are good for sophisticated editing on little data - but not very handy for doing as little as cutting to loads of data.

Some were designed for digitizing analog albums and preparing CD tracks. They help you a lot when there's silence between tracks.

But what if there isn't? What if the input files are hours long. You don't even know what's in them. Or what you like and what you don't. You'll probably throw most of it away. Sometimes you want 2 tracks out of 3 hours, sometimes 20 out of 2. You neither want to cut out these 20 tracks one by one nor something that just smashes a file to pieces and leaves it to you to sort limb from limb and take the garbage out.

Sometimes you might want to browse through and make decisions fast, sometimes you want to listen in the background and  take a note when you hear something interesting. Return days later and find that something remembers where you left off.

All of this with one tool. Bye bye, scribbled sheets of paper. All features readily available by fast keyboard short cuts and with as little clicking around as possible.

True, it also worked without. But over time I got fed up with wasting so much time using tools that were not exactly designed for what I was trying to do and were lacking simple features, that would make things so much easier and that I knew were not that complex to implement, but just weren't available...

Why another program?

Do you regularly record your favorite DJ's radio or TV sets? Special music shows? Live concerts? Have them as MP3's? You want to swiftly pick the raisins out, keep them, tag them, put them in a list and throw the rest away? Choking on hour long input material, got no time to even listen to all of it in real time? You need all the picking business organized?

You probably found exactly the tool that you were looking for.

Ah, and of course, it's free.
Who is supposed to use this?

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